Are the necessary solution for check-out applications in the entire retail industry, where a fast and accurate transaction can communicate a positive feeling to the customer.

Retail check-out applications can be very demanding in today’s market. Both grocery and non-food segments need to provide the most comfortable and reliable experience possible to customers. Retailers consider check-out solutions as one of the most critical applications inside the store, Scancode represents the ideal technological partner capable to assist and secure the retailer to design, execute, and leverage the ideal solutions.

Magellan 9600i

Rugged design, industry-leading scan performance and new options enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the checkout.


The Magellan 9600i delivers a new look, durable design, industry-leading scanning performance and new options to enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the checkout. The 9600i scanners and scanner/scales are the perfect Point-of-Sale (POS) companions for all high-volume checkout environments, with basic and advanced configurations. Customers can customize a solution to best meet their assisted and self-checkout needs with three chassis lengths and multiple check stand mounting.




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Magellan 9900i

With a unique scanner style, the 9900i offers an industry-leading scan performance that enables Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the checkout.


Packed with the latest imaging technology, the 9900i scanners offer the highest scan volume in its class. This ensures the fastest read rates and ease-of-use regardless of 1D, 2D, GS1 or Digimarc symbologies. The new Magellan scanners feature capacitive touch buttons and smooth surfaces to ensure the above counter areas are easy to clean and sanitize. The upcoming 9900i TDR option increases scan volume by 20% and adds an industry-unique sixth-side view of items crossing the platter for the ultimate scanning experience. The TDR is available in 3 heights and offers an optional integrated customer facing reader, allowing customers to scan mobile devices and coupons independent of a cashier in assisted lanes, improving efficiency.

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Magellan 35xxHSi

In-counter, horizontal single-plane readers with imaging technology.

The Magellan 3510HSi and 3550HSi scanners have an aesthetically pleasing design, combined with durability to stand up to the rigors of the front end. They feature a stainless steel and scratch-resistant sapphire glass platter, a solid addition to your Point of Sale work area. These Magellans are certainly cutting edge and the first on the market to effortlessly read all types of barcodes, including Digimarc, with an easy transition between the smallest 1D and 2D codes. Built with leading-edge processing technology and solid-state electronics, these units make easy work of your highest speed scanning operations. No other scanner in the market can match the performance of the Magellan in-counter scanners.

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Magellan 1500i

A high performing presentation scanner for a variety of applications.

The Magellan 1500i presentation scanner from Datalogic is small in size but packed with performance. It is ideal for a range of applications including retail, point of sale, pharmacy, customer service, self-checkout, and kiosks. Built in a space-saving small physical footprint, the scanner still has a large reading area. Fast sweep scanning of your 1D, 2D and Digimarc barcodes is easy and intuitive, even from poorly printed labels or smartphone screens.





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