Today's supply chains demand end to end visibility and real time tracking. Scancode sensors and vision systems track parcels and shipments as they move through the warehouse and onto the carrier. Scancode mobile computers, fixed image readers, and handheld scanners ensure visibility at shipping, receiving, through last mile activities such as delivery confirmation and signature capture. Dimensioning solutions also support exact cargo and baggage loading.


  • Airport

    Scancode can help airlines and airports to cover the gaps in bag traceability by offering complete solutions meeting the new IATA standard. In addition to handheld readers for bag check-in and mobile computers for the bag reconcilization process, Scancode offers baggage tracking solutions on automated belts using stationary industrial barcode reading technology. Not only are these solutions easy to implement, they are highly customizable to fit all material handling requirements.

  • Courier & Parcel

    Today's transportation and logistics supply chains demand end-to-end visibility and real-time tracking of every single part or component. As well as ensuring everything is accounted for and in its correct location, it also provides a full audit trail and traceability of critical components and/or potentially dangerous, often required for meeting regulatory guidelines.

  • Postal

    Postal services worldwide rely on Scancode technology to ensure smooth and efficient movement of mail. Scancode sensors and vision systems detect, size, weigh, and sort parcels at sorting facilities. Scancode handheld scanners and mobile computers are used in postal offices for retail transactions, drivers license parsing, and to facilitate delivery with confirmation and signature capture.

  • Logistics

    Dedicated Logistics and Third Party Logistics (3PL) organizations keep commerce in motion moving materials to factories, stock to distribution centers and items to retailers. To keep this flow of efficiency, logistics organizations rely on Scancode products and technology. Vision systems, smart cameras, sensors and fixed barcode readers track items as they travel on high speed conveyors while industrial handheld scanners and rugged mobile computers put automation in the hands of workers as they ship, receive, pick, pack, and palletize.