Datalogic’s Handheld Scanner product line offers products and solutions for automatic data capture and factory automation throughout the customer’s entire value chain in the Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Healthcare industries.

The wide range of general purpose handheld readers offer a variety of choices for most data collection activities. Product sets propose corded and cordless options together with best in class reading technologies, ready to solve current and future needs and applications. Datalogic’s PowerScan industrial handheld readers are data collection’s definitive example of ruggedness and durability, coupled with outstanding performance and unyielding reliability.

QuickScan 2500 Series

Superior performance, affordably


The QuickScan 2500 2D imager is your trusted companion at the POS check-out. It knows very well the importance of prompt readings, whatever the barcode, regardless of whether it’s hard-to-read, poorly printed or damaged, and it easily scans mobile devices and through plexiglass barriers, all at an incredibly affordable price.


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PowerScan 9600 Series

When top flexibility meets extreme reliability.

The PowerScan family of bar code readers are the ultimate industrial handheld scanners designed and constructed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions. The PowerScan 9600 imagers have an ultra-rugged design, an ergonomic shape with well-balanced weight to reduce operator stress during daily activities and an intuitive aiming system, allowing the highest first-pass reading rate while reducing unnatural wrist movement.

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Gryphon 4200 Series

Ergonomie neegalată și performanță remarcabilă în citire.

Unchallenged ergonomics and outstanding reading performance. The Gryphon I GD4200 readers’ ability to capture bar codes from near to far, to read both high-density and low-resolution codes, to decode hard-to-read, poor or damaged codes and to easily read bar codes from mobile devices make these readers the perfect choice for today’s and tomorrow’s applications in retail and office environments, pharmacies, light industrial, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

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Cel mai mic și ușor scaner hands-free pentru sporirea eficienței forței de muncă.

The HandScanner is the lightest and smallest 2D wearable scanner in the market that allows workers to use both hands to pick faster and expand productivity while reducing repetitive useless motions and errors. The HandScanner can be paired with Datalogic’s mobile computers to provide workers with a full data collection solution suitable for any application.








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