Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology offers data in real time and is used to facilitate most tracking operations while reducing human error.

Unlike barcodes, RFID can read multiple tags simultaneously and allow communication of several product information, resulting in better traceability of products. End-to-end product traceability starts at the production site with relevant information of in-process tracking, followed by identification alerts of logistics routes in supply chain operations, and concludes with aftermarket traceability of repairs, reuse, or recycling. The level of efficient and accurate product visibility achieved with RFID systems facilitate true transparency to help avoid waste and thrive for a true sustainable circular economy.

2128P RFID Sled

Hand held device to convert the Memor 11 PDA to a UHF RFID reader.

Designed to provide the best-in-class performance for quickly reading large numbers of UHF RFID tags, the 2128P reader boasts improved levels of accuracy and RFID read/write performance. All items within range are read simultaneously. In-reader Tag de-duplication software removes duplication of tag reads, thereby improving reading performance and facilitating data flow. Sophisticated user feedback and embedded processes and accelerometers provide the most configurable, in-depth and capable ‘search and find’ features currently available.
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