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powerscan-pm8300-dk-with-display-and-keyboardThe New PowerScan PM8300-DK Cordless Laser Scanner with Display and Keyboard 

Scancode Technology is pleased to announce the introduction by Datalogic Scanning of the new PowerScan PM8300-DK, a laser scanner directed to customers requiring extreme mobility and versatility in manufacturing and warehouse environments. The full keypad, combined with the 4 lines x 16 characters display, significantly increases the possibility of interacting with the host, enlarging the potential of the scanner and making it suitable for applications that would normally require a more expensive portable data terminal. All of these new features are an addition to the outstanding characteristics of the PowerScan 8300 family.

The PowerScan PM8300-DK is designed to become the top of the range in the 1D premium line PowerScan family. The PowerScan PM8300 family now includes a basic cordless model: the PM8300; an intermediate model with the display and 3 keys keypad: the PM8300-D; and the superior model with display and full keypad: the PM8300-DK. All models are available with Standard or Auto Range optics to offer the optimal reading depth-of-field in any specific application.

The PowerScan PM8300-DK is equipped with a mobile phone-like keyboard with direct access to numbers. Access to the alphanumeric function is managed through a shift key that toggles between the 2 modes. The main benefits of a full alpha numeric keyboard are:

- The ability to enter manually bar codes that are not readable. In warehouses and generally all mobile applications, the operator is normally far away from the host. When using a standard scanner without the keyboard, a non readable bar code forces the operator to walk back to the host and enter the code on the host keyboard with a relevant time loss.

- The ability to enter manually data which is not encoded into a bar code. For example, when entering the quantity in a picking or inventory application.

- Higher interactivity with the host. While using the full keypad capability, the full keypad capability, the operator can more easily manage interactive sessions with the application running in the remote computer.

The PowerScan PM8300-DK can be used in all of the same applications where the PowerScan PM8300 and PM8300-D are being used. This is because the keyboard adds the ability to manually enter unreadable bar codes and improves the efficiency in any 'time critical' application. Additionally, it provides new opportunities for applications currently using mobile terminals with its sleek and simple design. Simple code-quantity applications such as inventory, picking, etc., can be conveniently utilized.






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PowerScan PM8300-DK - with display and keyboard

Scancode Technology is pleased to announce the introduction by Datalogic Scanning of the new PowerScan PM8300-DK, a laser scanner ....

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