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MAS 400 - Datalogic Automated Tire Scanning Solution

Datalogic has a long and successful history in the production field and in the internal and external logistic chain including success stories in the Tire industry with both laser and imaging technology. The reading of barcodes in the tire manufacturing industry can be a complex issue without considering the potential offered by the most recent imaging technology. In every moment of the production and in the handling from the production line to the stock, the tire has to be tracked in each phase. But reading on tire is critical, the main problem being omnidirectional reading of small codes. In the past good reading rates have been reached by powerful laser scanners but with high costs and complex settings.
Datalogic Automation has simplified the solution, making it more powerful, more flexible, easier to install and to maintain.

Datalogic Automation introduces its revolutionary imaging technology solution based on the Matrix 400TM, which is both simple and flexible:MAS 400 (Matrix Camera System).

This special device does not "lose sight" of your product, no matter what position or condition your code is in.


Reading Performance under any conditions
Don't lose sight of your tires. Being able to read radial barcode labels in an overall omni-directional situation is the basic requirement. During the vulcanization process the code can get dirty, partially covered, or distorted. Ensuring an extremely high read rate is a must in any of these conditions.The traditional reading systems based on laser technology have permitted good reading performance only with the high cost of implementation, sophisticated configuration procedures and low flexibility.MAS can ensure reading performance on any kind of tire and in any situation with read rate up to 99.8% thanks to the unique performance of the New Matrix 400TM.

Top, bottom, hook chain, or tires with different widths, whatever kind of conveyor your company utilizes, you have to guarantee a perfect reading of the code. MAS 400 can be used with very little personalization and with any type of handling system. This provides maximum flexibility of use and a strong return on investment. If in the future a change to your tire handling system is necessary, MAS is the only reading system that will follow your project with little or no changes.



It has never been so easy to adapt your barcode reading system to your conveyor depending on the tire diameter and your production line. MAS can cover the necessary conveyor width (from 400mm to 1200mm) thanks to the ease of adding or removing readers. Subsequently, your investment follows the changes in your plant dramatically increasing the life of your investment.

The rhythm of a modern manufacturing system, and consequently, the process of product handling and warehousing is so fast, that it would be seriously damaging for a company to invest time and human resources to "cure" the disease of inoperative machinery. Loss of data in the production plant due to a reader failure, will incur huge costs to ensure traceability and in productions stops. MAS keeps working, ensuring very high barcode reading rates even if one of the reading heads composing the array stops working. Due to the large overlap of the reading area of each imager, only a little drop in the reading performance is observed in case of a failure. Besides, MAS is based on an array of Matrix 400sTM, the most powerful Datalogic Imager with no moving parts, ensuring the highest durability. This decreases the risks of loss during work, making MAS the safest system in the world for tire reading applications.




Features and Functionalities



The system is composed of:

An array of Datalogic Automation Matrix 400 600-0X0 (UXGA 1600x1200 pixels) Matrix 400TM is the most powerful 1D and 2D Code Reader on the market today.
Modular Connection Box, CBX500, enables the system to manage wiring quickly and in a simple way. By adding the Display Module (BM150) and the Backup Module (BM100) the monitoring of the system and quick reader replacement in case of failure is ensured.

Data Collection:
The readers are connected through the ID-NETTM in Master- Slave configuration allowing you to collect and filter data through the master device at very high speed (1.0 Mbps).
Additional code information (length, orientation, position...) can also be sent through ID-NETTM to the Master device.

Data Transmission:
Standard connectivity (RS232/RS485 or Ethernet) allows for data transmission to the host.Availability of extended Fieldbus connectivity (Profibus, DeviceNet, Profinet, Can Open, ..) is also possible through modular CBX500 connection box

Ease of Mounting
Different from previous laser solutions, all readers can be mounted in line on the same cradle, with the same orientation, the same distance between two adjacent readers and the same distance from the conveyor without the need of complex mechanical layouts.

Ease of Replacement
Automatic recognition of a new device connected to the layoutBackup & Restore of Master + 15 Slave device configurations in the BM100 module mounted inside the CBX500 through the ID-NETTM network can provideimmediate feedback of the replacement procedure through the BM150 Display module mounted onto the CBX500


Diagnostics and System Monitoring

Local Diagnostics:

availability of complete information and diagnostics through BM150) Display module mounted onto the CBX500 modular connection box:Last Last Code Read

Reading Statistics

Network Status

Device Failure Messages

Remote Diagnostics
Remote control of entire network through dedicated supervision software (Datalogic WebSentinelTM) and built-in Ethernet board
Reading Statistics
Network Status

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostica

Your Barcode Reading Station is under control at all times thanks to Datalogic WebSentinelTM, 

Datalogic Automation SW supervisor

mas-400-datalogic-automated-tire-scanning-solutionthat offers complete remote surveillance of plants with large reading arrays. Datalogic WebSentinelTM monitors your system in real time providing a full set of statistics and diagnostics.

As Datalogic Automation partner in Romania, we have installed with very good results more then 10 MAS 400 systems. This is why we believe that we can answer all your possible questions. Please contact us!








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